Are you ready for a lounge chair on a beautiful beach in an exotic location specializing in splendid relaxation? How about a round of Golf on a course famous for its designer? Can you see yourself relaxing by the pool with your friends planning your future? Would a romantic evening dining to the music of waves breaking against the shore be of interest? Joy Life offers you the chance to earn all of this and much more by qualifying to become a member of the Joy Life Vacation Club and spend 5 amazing days at an All-Inclusive Resort in May of 2013.

Join this exclusive club for 5 days and 4 nights by completing one of the following between October 1, 2012 and April 20, 2013.

Qualify as Ruby twice (two distinct 4-week periods) plus accumulate 4,400 PV in your Pay Leg(s) during the entire promotion period, excluding the PV generated during your Ruby qualification weeks.

Qualify as Sapphire once plus accumulate 4,400 PV in your Pay Leg(s) during the entire promotion period, excluding the PV generated during your Sapphire qualification weeks.

Qualify as Yellow DiamondYellow Diamond or above once.

Earn up to $1,000.00 towards your airfare*

Have one qualifying Ruby in your Reference Leg and one in your Pay Leg, both that originate from your Enrollment Tree, during the promotion period or Qualify as Yellow Diamond or above.

"I EARNED IT" 2 (Click to Download PDF)


  1. You must generate at least 70 personal PV every 4 weeks during the 28-week promotion period.
  2. This promotion covers all that is included in the resort’s “all-inclusive package” for 5 days and 4 nights only. Transportation to and from the resort is also included. Location will be announced in November.
  3. Any excursion or incidentals that are not included in the “all-inclusive” resort package are not covered by this promotion.
  4. This promotion is available only to Joy Life Distributors registered in the USA.
  5. This promotion is extended to Distributors who are listed on the Joy Life application and their spouse or a family member who is not a registered Joy Life Distributor (two persons maximum). The qualifying Distributor must attend or the qualification is null and void - no substitutions allowed. By law, qualifiers will receive a 1099 for their portion of Joy Life’s cost for the promotion.
  6. No cash equivalency is being offered for any portion of this promotion.
  7. Joy Life reserves the right to modify this promotion at any time.
  8. Airfare will only be paid up to the amount of 2 airline tickets or $1,000.00, whichever is less, to those who meet the qualifications.*
  9. Airfare stipends require submission of actual airfare receipts as proof of purchase.
  10. Qualifications as Ruby, Sapphire and Yellow Diamond (or above) must be met as specified in official Joy Life Prosperity Plan posted on joylifeusa.com and includes requirements to be a Star and an active Summit Member. All PV qualifications must be met in distinct qualification periods. Volume used to meet specified qualifications may not overlap.

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